About Our Community

Location advantages
Located in eastern Morris County, Montville, NJ, just off exit 47 of Interstate 287, near the intersections of Main Rd./Route 202 and Changebridge Road.  This provides the closest access to interstate highways from any condo development in Montville.  Conveniently located near Interstates 80 (at exit 48), and 280 (at exit 1), and NJ Route 46.  Consider: 
                                        *     NJ Transit (Towaco) train station is one mile away.
                                        *    10 minute drive to the NJ Transit car park bus centers in Wayne with frequent bus service to NYC.
                                        *     12 minute drive to the regional Willowbrook Shopping Center Mall in Wayne, NJ.
                                        *     Two miles to Valley View Elementary, Lazar Middle and Montville High School.  School bus stops
                                                              within our complex offer short convenient rides.  Montville has an outstanding 
                                                              school system and an award winning modern sizeable library. 

Spacious areas The 293 units consist of 259 townhouses and 34 freestanding single family homes on 96.5 acres.  Density is a low 3.29 units per acre, by far lowest density of any condo development in Montville.  This translates into spacious areas between buildings and large park-like settings.

Amenities / Facilities
The development’s features include three tennis courts, one of which is also striped for pickle ball, an outdoor swimming pool located in a spacious outdoor setting among rolling hills with a picnic area, and a clubhouse with an adjoining patio equipped with a barbecue grill.  The clubhouse contains a recreational area with a TV, pool table, and well-equipped updated exercise room.  Equipment includes two elliptical machines, a treadmill, recumbent bike, a multi-purpose glide machine with accessories and dumbbells, and a 43″ TV.

The clubhouse has a modern kitchen and is available to residents for private parties along with the outside patio at a modest fee.  The grounds contain a gazebo that overlooks a picturesque pond with our own waterfall!  Numerous sidewalks provide excellent walkways to enjoy the scenery.  There is a bus shelter for kids to wait for the daily school bus.  A children’s playground designed for children ages 2 through 12 with supervision is located at the end of Towpath. It’s equipped with swings, a play gym, several slides and a merry-go-round.  There are ample areas for children to play ball through out the grounds.  Use of drones is prohibited.

Condo services include snow removal from driveways, walkways, parking pads and streets. Gardening, grass cutting, shrub pruning and maintenance, tree trimming, leaf removal, gutter cleaning, and other exterior maintenance are also included. Windows and doors are residents responsibility. The grass areas are automatically irrigated with a sophisticated underground water sprinkling system.  Garbage pickup is twice weekly, recyclables are picked up once-a-week.  All pickups are provided by Montville Township.

Numerous Townhome Layouts The complex has a great variety of model layouts totaling around 23 including three models of single-family stand-alone homes.  The large number of layouts is deceiving from outside appearances.  Although similar, each of the three phases has its own style.  All units are on two floors.  Most units have basements as a third level.  Some basements are walk-out depending on the local topography.  Some have the master bedroom on the first floor.  All units have either a one or two car garage, with all the stand-alone single-family homes having a two-car garage.  Typically units have three bedrooms; some have two and a few four.  Each unit has either a deck or patio, and some have both.   

Developmental Phases The complex was built in three developmental phases by different builders from 1986 through 1994.  Phase one or the oldest phase consists of 99 housing units, phase two 75 housing units, and phase three 119 including all 34 freestanding single family homes.  In total there are 56 buildings including the clubhouse, plus 34 freestanding single family homes.  The buildings breakdown follows: 30 buildings contain 4 housing units, 12 contain 5 units, another 12 buildings contain 6 units, 1 building contains 2 units, plus the standalone clubhouse, and 34 freestanding single family homes. 

On-Site Management
A professional manager from a property management firm works on site from the clubhouse office at 2 Village Drive, four days per week.  A Board of Directors consisting of seven resident members are elected to two year terms on a staggered basis.  Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the monthly evening meetings.

Additionally, active committees provide additional guidance and suggestions to the board of directors.  Currently the committees consist of Finance, Landscape, Design and Review, Social, Building and Grounds, Covenants, and Communications.  News bulletins are frequently e-mailed to residents and supplemented by Management and President’s “snail mail” letters as needed.  Announcements and a calendar of events are also  posted on this web site viewable by residents only.

Rentals / Leases 
Approximately 95 percent of the units are owner occupied.   Purchasing of units for the purpose of leasing them as an investment is highly discouraged.  On Nov. 17, 2015 the Board passed an addition to the leasing rules as follows:  “No owner shall lease a unit until he / she has resided in that unit for at least 12 months.”   A list of “Rules & Requirements” for leasing units effective 5/15/2015 follows below.   Additionally owners must also comply with a resolution passed by the Board of Directors in August 2011.  This resolution is viewable by residents only.

Utilities  Electricity is delivered by Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), gas by New Jersey Natural Gas, water and sewer by Montville Township Water & Sewer.  Cable TV is provided by Cablevision, and Satellite TV by DIRECTV and other companies.  Telephone service is available through the traditional local land carrier Verizon, Cablevision’s Optimum Voice and other providers.  Residents are responsible for their own utilities. 

Historic Morris Canal
The complex borders the historic Morris Canal and Park, which once functioned as a main commerce highway between northern NJ and Pennsylvania with the use of barges and mules. Our entrance street was named after George P. MacCulloch who created the idea of building the Morris canal.  He had surveys made of the water levels at Newark and Lake Hopatcong, which provided the water for the canal. Mr MacCulloch was a banker who worked on the underwriting to raise $2,000,000 funding (20,000 shares at $100 each) to build the canal. 

Parking is not allowed on the streets of the development except as noted below.  Pads for parking are scattered through out the complex for guests. The clubhouse has a large parking lot.  Parking is also permitted on the North side of MacCulloch Drive (the main entrance from Changebridge Road) along the canal side. 

Pet Friendly Changebridge is pet friendly but rigorously monitors residents cleaning up after their dog’s deposits. Pets must be curbed and leashed when walking throughout the complex. Dogs are not permitted to be tied up or left unattended outside.

Visitors Visitors have included deer, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, turkeys, and chipmunks and on rare occasions black bears.

Changebridge at Montville
Rules & Requirements for Leasing Units

Effective 5/15/2015


General Leasing Rules

(1)    Leases and renewals must be in writing. All leaseholds must require the Association Lease Rider.

(2)    Leases are not effective until completion of registration process through the Association.

(3)    Leases must be for rental of the entire unit.  Multiple leases for one unit are not permitted.

(4)    The minimum term for leasing is two (2) years.  Present leases for less than two (2) years may be renewed for similar term as original lease. After the tenants in such leases vacate, new leases must comply with this minimum leasing term. 

(5)    Assignment or subletting is not permitted.

(6)    Owners must lease to tenants who are twenty-one (21) years of age or older.  Children of the primary tenants are permitted subject to the Association’s rule limiting occupancy of bedrooms to two (2) persons and subject to local housing codes and regulations.

(7)    Only rooms designated as bedrooms on the original unit floor plans can be used as bedrooms.

(8)    Occupancy in a leased unit is limited to two (2) persons per bedroom.

(9)    In the event that the tenants identified on the lease no longer occupy the unit, the lease is considered null and void and the Owner must re-apply for tenancy through the Association.

(10) No animals are permitted in leased units, except for Service Animals that have been qualified by the Association in advance of the tenancy.  In the event that any existing tenant requires a Service Animal, application must be made to the Association prior to the pet occupying the unit.  The Association may require medical certification and documentation as to the need for a Service Animal.

(11) As a condition to leasing, Owners must surrender all badges and/or key fobs for community buildings and amenities.  Upon termination of a rental, Owners must secure all badges, key fobs from tenants and/or pay for their replacement. 

(12) The Association reserves the right to inspect the leased unit, upon reasonable notice prior to and during the tenancy.

(13) All repair requests must be made by Owners.  This does not relieve the tenants and/or Owners of their obligations to report emergent conditions with the premises immediately upon notice of such emergency.

Application Procedure, Moving Rules and Fees

(14) A completed “Application to Lease” attaching a completely executed copy of lease (or renewal lease) must be submitted to the Property Manager prior to occupancy by tenants.  All fees must be paid before renters are permitted to move in. Failure to follow this rule will result in a fine of $50 per day for each day of occupancy.

(15)Tenants and Owners must execute a Lease Rider supplied by Management with the completed Application to Lease.  

(16) A completed Vehicle Registration Form identifying all vehicles and license numbers used by the tenants must be provided to the Property Manager in advance of entry into the community. Failure to comply with this rule will subject all vehicles to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

(17) All tenants with vehicles on the Association property must provide the Property Manager with a copy of the tenants’ driver’s license with photo ID in advance of entry into the community.

(18) Moving hours are limited to 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday; no moving in/out can occur on Sundays or holidays. In the case of hardship, alternate hours may be permitted upon prior application and pre-approval by the Board in their sole and exclusive discretion. Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in a fine of $150.

(19) Owners must pay for a pest inspection prior to and after the rental of the unit. If pests are identified, treatment must be completed immediately and no further rental may occur prior to the completion of the treatment. Proof of the inspections/treatment must be provided to the Property Manager.  Failure to adhere to this requirement will result in a fine of $150 and the cost of inspection/treatment that may be conducted by the Association at the owner’s expense.

(20) The following non-refundable fees must be paid by owners intending to lease their units:

o   $500.00 application fee

o   $300.00 moving in fee

o   $250.00 lease renewal

o   DCA State inspection fees, as required by the State, on a unit-by-unit basis

  (21)  Security deposit – A $1,500.00 security deposit must be made by owners prior to their tenants moving in and/or out. After tenants have moved out and/or in without incident, damage to the common property or expense to the Association, the deposit, net of any costs incurred, will be returned.

Changebridge at Montville
Board of Trustees
April 21, 2015                              Leasing rule change – On 11/17/2015 The Board passed an additional change to the leasing rules as follows:
                                         “No owner shall lease a unit until he/she has resided in that unit for at least 12 months.”

If you have any additional questions about the Changebridge at Montville community, please Contact Us today!